In Memorium Our dear friend and founder of UniVerse of Poetry, Richard Fammerée, passed away in the early morning of May 5, 2011, after a valiant battle with the devastating illness, ALS. We are so glad that he is free from suffering. We will miss him deeply and always.

He left us with a beautiful daughter, Adéle Fammeree, hundreds of brilliant songs and poems,
 and an awareness of our human magic and interconnectedness. He lived to create from heart and soul, and he mentored and inspired so many of us on his journey. 

Richard had an uncanny ability to pinpoint and bring out the inner light in all of us, to touch that which is beautiful and allow it to flower — no matter the rank, station, or background, gender, ethnicity, or nationhood.  As we connected with him we realized our common humanity through him. 

"A Memorial Celebration of the Life and Work of Richard Fammerée" will be held this Sunday, May 15,  
The event will take place in Preston Bradley Hall at the Chicago Cultural Center78 E. Washington St. Chicago, IL 60602. [312-744-6630].  The reception will be from 1:00-2:00 PM, and the ceremony will be from 2:00 - 3:00. 

Friends of all ages are invited to attend.

Rest in peace beloved Richard. We will love you always.

"Poet, poet-singer, and inveterate adventurer, Richard Fammerée may be the last living troubadour."

    - Shakespeare & Co,. Paris

Listen to Evora © 2005 Fammerée/Nomadica Musica & Poetry, ASCAP

Poet, composer, international performing and recording artist Richard Fammerée is founder and director of UniVerse of Poetry [www.universeofpoetry.org]. Lessons of Water & Thirst, a book of his poems, 

is included in the Poetry Library of Royal Festival Hall, London. Manfred Gordon (Cambridge University) describes this volume of poetry as 

“sensual and psychological, lush in the tradition of French Symbolism.” 

Fammerée is a pioneer of the global renaissance of poetry married to 

music and new media, scoring poems into alternative/contemporary art songs. His creations are “pansophic and visceral in the same breath,” twining passion, spirituality, sensuality. 

Founder and co-director of Saint Cloud, a fine art performance ensemble [www.saintcloud.co.uk], Fammerée performs and records internationally. Collaborations include recordings with poet Li-Young Lee, Emmy award-winning singer Toni Childs, Grarmmy winner Frank Myers and poète-chanteuse Carrie Ingrisano. Projects have been produced by David 

Tickle and Paul Christopher Greene. 

Markets of Remorse © 2006 Fammerée/Nomadica Musica & Poetry, ASCAP

A widely published poet, Richard Fammerée is featured on ReVerse 

with Mark Strand, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Li-Young Lee, Simone Muench and Lou Reed. He produced and hosted “Poetry & Its Music International” for the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. This program has developed into UniVerse of Poetry: Poetry + New Media.

UniVerse of Poetry embodies a celebration of international poetry encouraging dialogue, compassion and peace. UniVerse is dedicated 

to featuring a laurelled poet from every nation in the world, regardless 

of territory, and to showcasing the work of poets working in exile and 

writing in endangered languages through public programs, free curricula and online publication. UniVerse is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. 

To enjoy a series of outstanding poetry programs, please visit the 

Universe of Poetry & Chicago Public Radio/Chicago Amplified Archive.

UniVerse of Poetry is dedicated to freedom of expression for everyone everywhere 

and the eternal dialogue of wisdom and prophetic sanity renewed daily by poets internationally. 

UniVerse of Poetry est consacrée à la liberté d'expression pour tous et partout et l'éternel dialogue de la sagesse et de bon sens prophétique renouvelé chaque jour par les poètes international.

Richard Fammerée


Skype: Richard Fammeree

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